Hey there,

I’m Nadja, a 21 year old student of psychology in Leiden, and will be completely free in May/June and afterwards still in the evenings/weekends available to look after your kid(s). I’ve been babysitting/housekeeping and tutoring for quite some time now. I grew up with a little sister (17) and two younger cousins (12/9), but other than that I spend some time taking care of even younger children (from 2years onwards). I’m very open hearted, fluent in German and English, complete understanding and basic knowledge of Polish as well and of course learning Dutch at the moment. The last two years I’ve spend traveling, teaching and volunteering all around the world, especially Asia and Australia, mostly at primary schools, which I really enjoyed. I also got a teaching certificate for the English language and graduated in German.
If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate in texting me. I’d also love to meet you and your kids for an interview or so. Looking forward to hearing from you!
Kind regards,
Nadja Sophie G.